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Yellow Suitcase Studio: Epic Room Makeover Giveaway Entry!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Epic Room Makeover Giveaway Entry!

We've been living in our new house for 3 and half weeks now, and while we have plans to makeover rooms, it's going to take awhile. I want to turn my living room over to someone else! We also need some help to get inspired and our butts moving to get through our never ending home ownership to do list. Who better to do that than Mandi from Vintage Revivals!

Onto the pictures! Maybe some of this embarrassing stuff I can chalk off as moving in just over 3 weeks ago, right ;)

The wallpaper in the back of the built in was covering the walls. The paper came down nice and now our walls are a lovely shade of wallpaper glue.

 {optimal location between the craft room and kitchen! what more do you need!}

 {how could you resist this?!}

 Besides the obvious reasons why we need this epic makeover here are a couple other things:
  1. We live very close to the airport. We can pick you up and waste no time getting to work!
  2. I love to sew. 
  3. I know that spray paint can do wonders.
  4. We need to get out of our comfort zone.
  5. Our two cats are excellent "helpers"
  6. Thrift stores and home improvement stores are within a 10 minute drive.
 Mandi, please come to Milwaukee, WI and help make our new house feel and look more like home!

Internet, please vote because we would love this!

Thank you!

Much love,
Scott, Michelle, and the kitty babes (Jake and Elwood)

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