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Yellow Suitcase Studio: Peg Board Update for the Craft Room

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peg Board Update for the Craft Room

I was really inspired by some finds on Pinterest for this project. It is definitely budget friendly and makes a huge difference. Peg board is not just for garage and basement workshops anymore.

{aren't they fun and stylish!?! found here and here}

My parents let me have at a piece of pegboard that had been sitting in their basement ever since I can remember.
{here it is before not the happiest looking peg board}

I cleaned it up and got ready with the spray paint! I painted it outside and used empty soda cans to hold it off the ground. I didn't use any primer, but it might have been a good idea this pegboard absorbed quite a bit of paint. I basically used up the whole can.

{I used Rust-Oleum's satin Summer Squash color}

After it was all dry it was time to hang it in the craft room! Hubby helped with this part quite a bit. Well actually he did most of it. I told him where I wanted it and helped hold it. He's the best. We used a skinny board on the top and bottom to keep it about 3/4" off the wall so the hooks can be added easily.


{cheery and organized no more clutter on the table at least for now. Look at all the space I still have!}

I got a box of 50 assorted hooks for just under $5 at Menards. It has all the variety I need and there's still plenty left for when I find more fun stuff to hang up.

{who wants to come over and craft with me?}

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