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Yellow Suitcase Studio: Craft Fair Recap

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Craft Fair Recap

Last Saturday my sister and I did our first bigger craft fair!

It was a little stressful leading up to it because we didn't have a ton of time. I broke two sewing machine needles. Pricked my fingers countless times. Unknowingly left my glue gun on a long time (I'm too ashamed to say how long).Threaded my machine and bobbin in record time and sewed like there's no tomorrow.

Ah it's good to be busy making things!

Overall it was a success! Some things didn't go flying out of our booth as we thought and some things went that we didn't expect. You never know!

{this is the way to travel!}

{We didn't sell a one of these tote bags?!?! Doesn't everyone love and need tote bags?}

{bomber hats made by my mom and sis - hahahaha we got asked if those newborn hats were for dogs a couple times}

Getting to spend the day with my sister made it more awesome!

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