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Yellow Suitcase Studio: Quilt Stories: Wedding Guest Book Quilt

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quilt Stories: Wedding Guest Book Quilt

A new quilt story and my sister's first guest post! She's awesome. Show her some love!

Without further ado, take it away sis!


When Scott and Michelle got engaged, I joined the hunt for crafty ways I could help to make their day personal, beautiful, and fun. I found a few examples of guest book quilts online. I asked Michelle if they would like me to make a guest book quilt and she said yes. It was time to get to work! 

I picked out 3 fabrics all which had former lives as bed sheets. I cut a 12.5 in. square and stitched a heart with their names and wedding date I had Michelle draw it out for me so the stitching is her handwriting. I framed this square and gave it to Michelle at one of her showers. 

I cut around 200 6.5 in. squares with a pinking rotary cutter. On the day of the wedding we had three small bushel baskets lined up; one to hold scratch paper for practicing on, one to hold the squares, and one for the finished squares. We covered the table with kraft paper so that the markers would not bleed through. We also put out framed instructions and sharpies.

After the wedding, all the squares were packed away for a few months. I had the goal of finishing the quilt in time for their first anniversary. Towards the end of the summer one of my friends helped me make a plan and start piecing. I waited for a few more weeks to see if there was anyone who had not made a square at the wedding but wanted to be in the quilt. 

Patches helped me with the final layout by chasing her tail all over the pieces.

I was able to finish the quilt just in time for their anniversary and I love how it turned out. What a neat way to remember the love of family and friends. 

These are some of my favorite squares.


My husband and I love this quilt and we will treasure it always. There is so much love in it! We also love all of the pictures and words from our guests. We've had a lot of good laughs.

Here are a couple more of my favorites besides the ones my sister picked out!

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