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Yellow Suitcase Studio: Loop & Line Designs

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Loop & Line Designs

My sister-in-law, Nicole, recently started up an Etsy shop that I think you should check out! Her focus is customized clean graphic maps.

Design is everywhere!

Here is a little bit from her:
"Right now I have neighborhood maps of Minneapolis, but I am going to be starting on Milwaukee, and Chicago neighborhoods soon. Also, I can do custom maps of any neighborhood as long as I have the address. I am making one for my friend Keri this weekend.

I am also working on some outline skyline prints. Right now I have Minneapolis and Milwaukee, but I need to figure out what other cities I want to make.

I really wanted to to be working on something where I was doing actual design and I figured Etsy was my best option. (plus maybe I could make a little extra money.)

Plus, maps are awesome! Especially when you can look at one and point out to someone that that is where you live. :)"

Find Loop & Line Designs here:

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