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Yellow Suitcase Studio: House Facelift - New Windows!

Friday, November 2, 2012

House Facelift - New Windows!

Long time no posts! I know.

There are so many little projects that we are in the process of or just not quite finished with yet. Who else has a bunch of unfinished projects around the house?

One major update has been completed though! Our house has new windows! Oh and they are so nice!

Here's what our house looks like with the new windows:
But you have to see what we started with...oh yes, so much green.
Back of the house before:
And after!
 Side of house before:
And after!
 This is the before in our kitchen - cringe!
 And for what I think is one of the most dramatic afters! Yes, the trim is still a little sad looking.
And this is the after in our living room. I guess there's no before for this one! The kitty babes love the picture window.

Ah it feels so nice to have more efficient and easy to use windows!

P.S. The colors of siding and roof look varied due to the very different times of day they were taken at. Also, the windows are from Window World if you're curious!

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