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Yellow Suitcase Studio: July 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

wine themed bridal shower

My sister is already off and married, but I'd like to share the fun bridal shower that my mom, aunt, and I threw for her!

This was the invitation I designed.
We hung this gorgeous wreath that my mom made on the door.
 I added the welcome banner to it!
 I made wine jellies for favors - pinot noir, rose, and chardonnay. I used a recipe from America's Test Kitchen.
I used a vintage suitcase to display them by the door so guests could take one before they left.
The little cork sign stands were made by cutting a cork in half, making a hole with a nail in the center, and then placing a looped piece of wire in the hole.
 I designed the spread the love tags and also included a list of ways to enjoy wine jelly.
 One of the activities we had was guess the number of corks!
Of course we had quite the spread of food! We had stuffed dates, cheese, crackers,  nuts, veggies, chocolate covered strawberries, cucumber sandwiches, tomatoes and mozzarella, mini cupcakes, and truffles, ooh and more cheese!
My mom made the tuxedo and wedding dress chocolate covered strawberries. I wish I would have grabbed a closer photo they were so cute and delicious!
I made champagne mini cupcakes by adding champagne to the cake mix in place of water. I also added reduced champagne to homemade buttercream frosting.
 We also had dark chocolate cabernet truffles. Recipe here.
 The stuffed dates were a big hit! They're one of my favorites. Recipe here.
My husband and I found some old windows up above our garage and I used a paint marker to draw on one to add some decoration to the food table. I printed off the design first and then taped it to one side of the glass so I could trace over it.
Of course we had some wine! My mom made the cute little glass markers so all the ladies could tell their glasses apart. My mom also made the mini wreath things to place over the bottle and I added the tags with a description of the wine and what it pairs well with.
We also had a non-alcoholic juice punch.
You can maybe see the name tags my aunt made in this photo!
Love this girl! I hope to share some photos from the wedding soon too!

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