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Yellow Suitcase Studio: July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flea/Antique Market Finds

Have you been to any flea markets this summer? Get any fun things?

I went to one this past weekend with my mom and sister. I got a couple fun things that I wanted to share with you!

First up is this super cute unused birthday book to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries. I've been wanting to get something like this for quite awhile now and I love that I found a vintage one. Once you get married and everyone starts having babies it's hard to keep track of all those birthdays. I feel a little bad actually writing in it because it's so pretty (maybe that's why it no one has ever written anything in it). The copyright date is 1942.

{ha how appropriate are the forget-me-nots!}

There is a page for each day of the year with a quote and a Bible passage.

The other thing I got were these letterpress blocks.

{I used to play clarinet so that one has a special place in my heart}

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Antique Mall Inspiration

I've got some more fun stuff for you from a recent antique mall outing. Unlike my other antique mall posts (here and here) I happened to have my real camera along!

I was most drawn to the quilts.

{again seriously.}

Those last two....oh my goodness! I really don't have words for them. My little crafty heart died and went to heaven.

I loved this Wisconsin map booth!

I always like the fruit crates.

A couple kitchen things.

Croquet is so summery!

Loved this metal laundry basket with the pouch for clothespins.

Fish anyone?

Love the texture and the type on this sack.

Where do you find design and craft inspiration?

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Sanding, Spray Paint, and Love

This is another edition of sanding, spray paint, and love!

I got this chair from a rummage sale for $3. My husband and I walked to the rummage sale and I had to carry the chair home. It was my husband's one condition for me getting it (haha this makes him sound not very chivalrous).  It was for my own good and it wasn't that far.

This post may look like a kitty photo shoot. It's not. Jake has claimed this chair as his own. His big body must fit in the molded seat perfectly. This chair also sits in our kitchen by the stove where he likes to sit and watch us making food.

After some rough sanding and wiping it down, I did a coat of primer. I used Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x Primer.

{momma, please don't take my chair away again}

After that, I used Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x Aqua Satin. I love this bright cheery color!

Here's a side-by-side of the before and after so you don't have to scroll back up!

{so much better!}

I also used this chair in a 1 year photo shoot for a sweet and wiggly little girl. It was perfect!

I'm still trying to decide if I want to add some distressing to it. What do you think?

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quilt Story: Ella's Quilt Made From Crib Bedding

Hello friends! Yes I know it's been foreeeever since I last posted. I guess I just dropped off the face of blogland for awhile. Forgive me?! (Maybe the sheer amount of photos in this post will make up for it?!)

I know you've been waiting for this. I started this project back in March and it is now well loved in its new home! Which makes me so so so happy!

Here it is. The finished queen sized quilt! (Yes, queen sized! This thing is a beast!)

The pattern that was used can be found in my previous post.

Here's a little breakdown of where all that fabric from the original crib bedding went:

  • Fitted sheet - cut for squares
  • Quilt backing - back of pillow shams
  • Quilt front - cut for squares
  • Quilt batting - batting for pillow shams
  • Quilt ruffles and piping - around pillow shams
  • Crib skirt - cut for squares
  • Crib skirt ruffles - ironed and used for some of the binding
  • Bumpers - cut for squares
  • Bumper binding - used as binding again
The small paisley print was provided by the mom and the large polka dot and pink striped fabric was added by me.

Any longer roughly 2.5 inch scraps were used for binding on the quilt.

The binding was made using various scraps following this tutorial and then hand stitched to the front.

The back is all the pink and white polka dots with a strip of scrap fabric.

My sister did an awesome job quilting it!

 Here are a couple close up photos of the pillow shams.

Out of the scraps, I also made a cute tote bag and flower clip (pic from the mom since I accidentally deleted the one I had).

 Here are a couple more in process photos. A.K.A cats who like quilts.

The quilt took up my parent's whole living room floor.

{my parent's cat swimming in a sea of pink and green!}

{my sweetie Elwood sleeping in the folds while I worked on hand stitching the binding}

This quilt had to travel a long ways to get to it's home. I can't believe the size box we fit a queen size quilt, 2 pillow shams, and a tote bag into! It took my husband and I and a couple clamps to wrestle it into a 12 x 12 x 8 inch box. I'm guessing it exploded out of the box upon arrival and opening it up.

{stuffed and taped every which way} 
And finally some proof that it is loved in its new home. 

My crafty heart is full and happy.

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