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Yellow Suitcase Studio: Suitcase Stories - Yellow Suitcases and Happy Travels

Monday, October 3, 2011

Suitcase Stories - Yellow Suitcases and Happy Travels

You guessed it! I like suitcases.Vintage suitcases. I love them. I don't really know why. They're good for storing craft things. They come in beautiful colors. They don't make 'em like they used too. Maybe it's the hunt for them and the joy when I find them. Maybe it's the thrill of a good deal. Maybe it's because there's a story behind them and the people that owned them. I can only image the places in the world that they've been or not been.

This is going to be a series of posts about my suitcases and how they've come into my possession. I have more than only yellow ones you know.

I'm starting out with my first suitcase love (yeah they make me a little giddy) and probably the start of my suitcase addiction and the name Yellow Suitcase Studio. I know you've been wondering about that.

I spotted them at the thrift store up on a high shelf. I was drawn to them. Those two soft buttery yellow vintage suitcases in the lineup of brown, navy and blah suitcases. They were calling my name to be taken off of that shelf; hitting a soft spot in my heart that I could not ignore. I went with that feeling in my heart and took them down. It got even better when I opened them to see the insides were basically untouched. I paid for them and while walking out the cashier said, "Happy travels!" That's my favorite part. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

{the yellow beauties}

There have been many happy travels with those yellow suitcases. Not to exotic places or crazy cross country road trips; but to happy memories.

One of those happy memories is a photo shoot with my lovely sister.

{me and my suitcases - photos by my sis}

{sister love}

Another happy day bursting with love and memories was my wedding day!
{photos by shannon wucherer photography - they're awesome!}

Did you know suitcases are absolutely awesome if you're selling stuff at a craft fair? Well they are. You have an easy way to carry all your stuff and you can use them to display your lovely handmade items.
{suitcases at a craft fair}

This past summer I found a yellow train case to match! It was a happy day spent with my sister at a flea market. Of course we walked out with a big trunk and a suitcase filled with all of our finds. I splurged on this baby. I'm a thrifty girl. I was a little sad the lady wouldn't take less than $15. She even knew I had left and come back for it a little later. I think it's my most expensive and smallest one. Maybe all my other rockin' deals make up for for this splurge? Oh well, it has found the perfect home.

{happy yellow train case}

Here's to "happy travels"!

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