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Yellow Suitcase Studio: Frame Makeover - DIY Dry Erase Board

Monday, January 30, 2012

Frame Makeover - DIY Dry Erase Board

Last December I got a frame at a white elephant gift exchange in desperate need of a makeover.

Here's the before....

and the after!

Much better! I saw the idea on a couple other blogs to write on glass or plexiglass like a dry erase board. That's what I plan on using it for (ha need to get some markers) and also for just decoration in my craft room.

Here's my process:

The first thing I did was to clean it up. I took out the nails that were holding the image in. I glued on a couple pieces that had cracked and were really loose. I also used steel wool on the back to clean up stuff that was flaking off.

The next step was to prime and spray paint! I used Rust-Oleum's painters touch 2x cover primer and satin summer squash. This is the same color I used on my peg board and chair makeover.

My husband got and cut plexiglass to fit the frame for me.

For the inside of the frame, I wanted to use a piece of a vintage flowered bed sheet that I love. So I cut out a piece of cardboard to fit in the frame. I used spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the cardboard and make it nice and smooth. Then, wrapped the edges around the back and stapled it to the cardboard.

On to the fun part - putting it all together! 

I used 2 glazier points on each side to hold everything in the frame.

In its new home!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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