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Yellow Suitcase Studio: mailbox makeover

Friday, December 7, 2012

mailbox makeover

We have some unexplored area above the garage in our house. Haha part of why we haven't checked out everything up there is that we don't have a tall enough ladder. On taking a peek up there, an old mailbox caught my eye and it was within reach!

They don't make them like this anymore! I was disappointed that there wasn't any long forgotten secret money stashes or other treasure in it. Wouldn't that be a story to tell!

At my job we do letters to Santa and we didn't have anything very official looking for those letters to get to Santa. So, I quick made over the mailbox with some spray paint!

I used Rustoleum primer and then Rustoleum painter's touch flat white. Of course, in true crazy Wisconsin weather fashion I was some how able to spray paint outside in high 50 degree weather in December.

I think I'd still like to paint the flag red how it was, but for now it's happily helping make sure that letters get delivered to Santa!

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